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Ever wish you could go on a no-limit shopping spree?

Don’t we all! But money doesn't grow on trees. In real life, things cost money, and money comes from working. You and your parents have to work in order to buy the things you need or want.

Fry it up, baby! So just how many babysitting, burger-flipping, or snow-shoveling hours will it take to buy what you want?

Choose a job:
Fast food worker, $5.15 per hour
Office assistant, $7.00 per hour
Cashier, $5.50 per hour
Lifeguard, $8.75 per hour
Babysitter, $5.00 per hour
Yard worker (mow lawns or shovel snow), $10 per hour
Other job, enter hourly rate: $

Choose what you want to buy:
CD player, $89
Leather jacket, $250
Movie tickets (2), $15
Tennis shoes, $100
Spring break trip, $500
Other item, enter cost: $

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