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What do you REALLY know about money?
Shall we play a game?
Well, step right up and show us what you’ve got! These games will test your skills in handling your own virtual money in different “real” situations. Roll the bones, baby!
Money Games
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Think you know about money now? Try your hand at our money simulations and see how you would do with some cash to play with. Have fun!

“Just charge it!”

Stores and credit card companies make it seem so easy. How often have you seen advertisements to buy something and only pay $20 a month?

So what’s the real cost of credit? Let’s go shopping and find out!
GO! Check it out!
“No worries?!?”

Ever wonder what it would be like to be out of school and on your own? It can be cool, but it’s also a big responsibility to have a full-time job and manage a household budget.

Dream prom
The “Big Dance”

How well can you budget? Play our fun Plan Your Dream Prom game and see! You decide what to wear, how to ride and more, and find out if you have enough loot to cover your choices!

Are you ready for EARNING MONEY?

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