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Not Just Another Bake Sale
Wheeler Dealer Hereford High School
Parkton, MD

What's the Big Idea?
Design your own board game! To commemorate Hereford High's 50th anniversary, students decided to sell a personalized version of Monopoly that featured local places, businesses, and families. These sponsors gave the students enough seed money that they could have 1,000 game sets made, which were then sold through school newsletters, the local newspaper, and athletic events.

While the games has shown a decent profit so far, students hope the fundraiser will really get into gear at this year's special anniversary event that will draw alumni back to the school.

Tips to take to the bank...
Tips to take to the bank... •   Big costs mean big risks. Having a custom board game made isn't cheap, so a lot of your fundraising efforts may go simply to cover your costs. Still, the benefits of something as unique as a board game may outweigh the problems it pose. Weigh your options carefully.

•   Market research is worth its weight in gold. Before putting in their order, the students got feedback from the local community as to whether the board games would be popular. Try the same thing with your own fundraiser before you spend any money - without information like that, you're flying blind.

•   Timing is everything. A commemorative board game probably wouldn't do very well if there wasn't anything to commemorate. Think about taking advantage of upcoming school events or holidays.

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