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Not Just Another Bake Sale
School Spirit Decals Perry Hall High School
Perry Hall, MD

What's the Big Idea?
Sell school spirit decals for cars! You've probably seen them before - black-and-white oval stickers that usually have a few letters printed on them. If you have one yourself, you know what the abbreviation stands for (OBX for the Outer Banks, or LAX for lacrosse).

Perry Hall High decided to have a thousand stickers made, at 21 cents a piece. The decals were sold for $3 at school athletic events and to the community at large - because Perry Hall High is named after the town it's located in, there were another 28,705 potential customers for the stickers. They ended up selling just under three-fourths of the stickers they ordered, and made nearly $2,000!

Tips to take to the bank...
Tips to take to the bank... •   Small numbers, big profits. Selling a 21¢ item for $3 doesn't sound like a huge moneymaker, but imagine selling something that cost you $10 for $143. And then selling that same thing 700 times. Business people call this markup - and when you're working with things that are cheap to make, it can add up to a healthy profit.

•   Fads are risky. Right now, oval car decals are popular. But they may not be next year. Fundraisers are often planned months in advance, so make sure your idea has some long-term appeal, and won't sputter out when it's showtime.

•   Sell as broadly as possible. If you're selling something that has limited appeal, your potential audience is much smaller, right from day one. Think about what almost every student in your school, or almost every parent, would be interested in.

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