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Stadium Blankets Dulaney High School
Timonium, MD

What's the Big Idea?
Sell blankets! The students of Dulaney High saw shivering spectators at their school football games and realized they had a great opportunity to do some fundraising. They had a local sportswear store make custom blankets with Dulaney's colors and name embroidered on them, and then sold them to students and their families.

Because stadium blankets are somewhat pricey to make, customers filled out order forms ahead of time. That way, the blankets were sold before they were made - there was no risk of losing money by having leftovers. They also decided to have some extras made, too, knowing that once some people saw the blankets, they'd want one. With a little bit of advertising, they sold almost every blanket they ordered. Out of 145 blankets, only three went unsold - and the fundraiser made a tidy profit.

Tips to take to the bank...
Tips to take to the bank... •   Safe is better than sorry when it comes to money. Think about ways to minimize your fundraiser's risks, the biggest of which will probably be not getting enough customers. Pre-selling items means you have customers before you have to spend any money of your own.

•   Make it personal. A blanket by itself isn't that amazing - but one with your own school's colors and name can become something people will treasure. If you're planning to sell things for your school's fundraiser, try to make them somehow personal or memorable.

•   Spread the word. When you pre-sell items, you have to overcome people's natural reluctance to buy something they haven't seen yet. Advertising can help you out, whether it's showing a demo item or just helping to build word of mouth.

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