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Basket Bingo Idea by North Dorchester High School

What's the Big Idea?
Hold a bingo game! The key word on this fundraiser is free. The students of North Dorchester High covered their costs before the game even began, thanks to donations. The prizes - twenty Longaberger baskets - were sponsored by local businesses, and the local American Legion allowed the students to use their hall for free. They even got the bingo cards for free from the American Legion, too.

The fundraiser made money in two ways. Tickets were sold before the event and at the door, which guaranteed a certain amount of profit, and each bingo card people played also cost a small amount of money. All told, North Dorchester raised around $4,000 in a single night!

One of the students who organized the fundraiser said, "It is especially important for a student in an economically challenged area like ours to be business savvy and financially literate. We recognized that it is not only the fundraising idea itself that is important, but the way that it is executed."

Tips to take to the bank...
Tips to take to the bank... •   Don't be afraid to ask for free stuff. Local businesses and associations are often more than happy to help your school by helping keep your costs down. Think about offering them a chance to put their name in a program or other printed materials.

•   Advertising can be key. Holding an event without advertising is like throwing a party - how will anyone know to come? Advertising can start within your school, but try to branch out to your local community.

•   Prizes matter. Although some people will come to a fundraiser just because it helps your school out, it sure doesn't hurt if you include prizes that people will really like. But remember that every dollar you spend on prizes is a dollar less profit. Sponsorships can be very important.

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