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Putting on a Show
Basketball Tournament Northwest High School
Hyattsville, MD

What's the Big Idea?
Sponsor a school basketball tournament! Northwest High's field hockey, soccer, lacrosse, tennis, cross-country, and wrestling teams competed for the chance to win money for new uniforms and equipment. And to build school spirit, the step team performed during an intermission between games.

To make the event even more exciting, the tournament organizers invited a local radio station as a sponsor. There were free throw contests where students could win T-shirts and CDs, and in the last game of the tournament, the station's DJs took on Northwest's teachers.

Not only did the school make tons of money by charging admission, but they also sold concessions during the game. All in all, they made around $1,200 in one day!

Tips to take to the bank...
Tips to take to the bank... •   Get as many other students involved with your fundraiser as you can, right from the start! An event like a basketball tournament depends on high attendance to succeed. Everyone likes watching their friends - so the more people you involve, the more potential customers you have.

•   Think about getting local businesses involved. They can help you cover your initial costs and promote your fundraiser.

•   A one-time event takes a lot of planning and organization to pull off successfully - you only get one chance to make it work, after all!

There's more than one way to do it

•   Walkersville High School and James Hubert Blake High School sold tickets to a Powder Puff Football game, where girls play flag or touch football - often, the junior class plays against the seniors - and boys take on the role of cheerleaders.

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