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Do you want to be your own boss? Let our quiz rate your ability as an entrepreneur.

Select the answer that best describes you in each situation.

1. Which of the following statements best describes your personality?
I always like to do what everybody else is doing
I have a good imagination and I like to make up my own projects
I enjoy staying on a schedule: going to school and activities at the same time each day and getting home the same time each evening
I want to do as little hard work as possible
2. If I had my own business, I would mainly do it:
to get rich quick.
to impress my friends.
to save money for college.
to have fun.
3. When I get money (as a gift, from an allowance, or from a job), I usually:
Go shopping for my favorite items and blow the whole thing
Put all of it in my savings account
Save some, then plan out how I want to spend the rest
4. When I go out with a group of friends, I usually:
plan the event and then get everybody together
just go with the flow - whatever they pick is fine with me
suggest something and let the group decide
5. How do you usually react when you encounter a setback? (Be honest!)
Give up
Fight back till I get what I want
Try to get what I want another way
Ask others for advice on how to get what I want
6. How would your friends describe you?
Stubborn as a mule
7. How often do you finish what you start?
Once in a while
Almost all the time
What was the question again?
8. What are you most likely to do with your spare time?
Veg in front of the TV
Play sports or work out
Socialize with friends and family
Read a good book
Socialize, play sports, watch TV, read - a bit of everything
9. At school, where would someone most likely find you?
Working at a job after school
In the cafeteria
On a sports team
On the student council
Behind the bleachers
10. Have you ever had a cool idea for a business?


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